Plastic Fabrication

Plastic is strong, lightweight, reusable & recyclable


With over 15 years of industry experience, we can design & fabricate all your requirements

CNC Machining

The latest CAD technology & our own 5-axis CNC Machine


With the latest software & machinery, each cut is millimeter perfect - every time!

3D Printing

An in-house design team - bringing you scaled working prototypes


We can turn your ideas into designs & scaled prototypes

Over 15 Years of Industry Experience - Focussed on providing our customers excellent quality & unrivaled service. Whether you need plastic storage or fabrication, you can be sure that it is in safe hands. Plastic is our job, and one that we take seriously. If our service is high-quality and reliable, then we’re happy. Let us satisfy your requirements. 

We’re ready to work with you and offer our advice & knowledge to get your job done correctly.

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We have customers in the Aerospace, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Agricultural & Food Industries.

We always check our designs against the specification in all areas of production to ensure our high standards are met on every job. Please have a look at some of our recent projects.

Our Story

Get to know us and what we do.

Extended Pallets

Designed & Fabricated by us with features such as location pins, reinforced rims, anti slip deck & more.

Plastic Welding

Forming a bond between two plastic faces using heat, pressure & welding material.
While the basic process is simple, quality welding of rigid plastics is a skill developed over many years. Our team has a wealth of experience in all types of plastic.
This technique can be used to repair plastic tanks, create bespoke containers & make modifications to plastic products.

bespoke fabrication plastic fabricators leister welding gun portable mobile nozzles heat welded

Plastic Welded Inserts

A popular request we receive is our permanent box dividers. Great for separating components & maximising space inside a box whilst offering extra protection.

plastic fabricator fabrication welding wiring loom arch jet engine aerospace trolley space saving lightweight

The Versatility Of


There are many different types of plastic and it isn't all bad! Find out the benefits of plastic and how it can help your business - all in a sustainable eco-friendly way!