Case Studies

bespoke fabrication plastic fabricator devon southwest open closed stacked boxerpac flc forklift background space saving 75%

A complete sleeve pack takes less than 30 seconds to fully erect & dismantle. The packs are available in various sizes with the bases available in 1200x1000mm & 1200x800mm. As the sleeve packs are made up of 3 different components, each part can be replaced separately, if required. That being said, our customer has been using these for 18 months now and no replacements have been required.

The base is the same size as a regular pallet with access underneath for a fork truck. As standard, these come with the custom foam insert and are a base for the sleeve to fit into.

The lid stops excess debris getting inside the box. We have customised this lid to offer the components inside extra protection by fitting foam padding to the inside of the lid.

The sleeve pack is made of a special corrugated plastic that is flexible enough to fold down, but also rigid enough to offer protection & support to your component when erected.

When not in use, the sleeve pack can be folded down and placed inside the box - saving 84% of the space it takes up when erected.

The units can be stacked on top of each other to save valuable floor space, when not in use.

We designed a multi-use foam padding for the base so that various sizes of components could fit inside the box. 


This box has been extremely cost-effective for our aerospace customer - and has saved them masses of floor space in the factory.
Our customer is a major player in the aerospace industry and came to us scratching their heads on how they keep their component protected whilst moving through the processes in the factory.
With this in mind, ease of access was also key to ensure production didn't slow down. We were also keen to keep it simple to ensure that only 1 operative would be required when using these.
With the size of the components inside, it was clear the sleeve pack was the best option for the job - It is lightweight, offers extra protection, can be easily fabricated & is stackable when not in use.
We were also asked to design & fabricate the inside of the box to ensure the components did not move in transit. With our expertise & knowledge, we designed a multi-use foam padding for the base so that various sizes of the component could fit inside the box.
The customer is absolutely delighted with the results - it has saved them thousands of pounds in damages to their expensive components whilst also giving them peace of mind that no foreign objects are getting inside during transit.

heavy duty custom pallet large oversized extended plastic welding butt strong transport position

50mm rims plastic welded to ensure heavy tooling does not slip off the pallet.

Location pins to keep the tooling 'locked' in place when in use or being moved.

After being welded together, the weld are then sanded back before being checked for gaps. Any gaps are then welded to ensure the bond is strong and re-checked before being signed off.

Lashing rings/eyelets to allow you to easily add extra security to your tooling during transit. 

Laser cut information to specify part number, weight load limits, logo etc.


We designed & fabricated these 2 pallets for our customer that was having difficulty when moving compressor tooling when not in use.
The tool was being moved using overhead cranes each time it was put on and taken off of the wooden pallet, causing damage to the tool and taking up an excessive amount of time compared to an extended pallet.
We designed this extended pallet for the large tooling. The tooling has 3 location pin which we incorporated into our design with the countersunk holes and the tool slots right into them to stop movement. To meet health & safety requirements, we also added a raised black rim around the top of the pallet for maximum security.
The tool can now be left on the pallet and moved with a set of pump trucks or forklift, without having to be hoisted on and off each time. This also saves time setting up the tool, prevents damage and improves safety.

bespoke fabrication plastic fabricator coloured identification box dividers space saving welding

Plastic dividers are 'egg-cartoned' together and welded to ensure the bond is strong.

The dividers are also welded at every contact point with the box - to ensure your components & products don't move in transit.

Various colours available to separate different parts & processes - just ask!


In the aerospace industry we commonly get asked for a way to maximise space during storage & transit but also offer a solution to prevent metal to metal contact.
We often get enquiries for containers with dividers and have become one of our staple products because customers can rely on us to be able to product consistent quality results with great lead times.
As long as we can get into the box with the heat gun, we are able to weld as many pockets as you require. This keeps the box as lightweight as possible whilst also ensuring you maximise the box space and transport as little air as possible.
Some of our previous customers have used these boxes well over 1500 times and are still using them in their systems now - making it a very cost effective returnable packaging solution.